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Playrooms - Tweenies 2-3 Years

Our Tweenie room is our biggest play room, it looks fantastic! This room is loads of fun! In our Tweenie room we provide a caring and understanding environment for our little people from just walking to pre-school age. At this stage in a child's development our Tweenies are becoming very active and 'independent thinkers' who learn fast! Tweenies have their own bathroom in their room where they can become familiar with all aspects of potty training and toileting. Each child is treated as an individual and allowed to develop at their own pace, with care and encouragement from us. The routines are structured to help children grow in confidence, as well as develop social and thinking skills, in preparation for pre-school. The Tweenie room is also divided into two areas:

The messy area, in this area the Tweenies will have an endless amount of time to explore and engage in a wide range of activities. On a daily basis there will be sand and water available for the children to explore, but when it comes to the real messy things such as painting sticking, printing, stamping and drawing the children will have a choice of which activities they would like to carry out that day!

The comfy, cosy carpet area:There is a lovely cosy area for the Tweenies to be able to relax and enjoy a book, there are lots of toys available to support the children through their next stages of development such as a dolls house and people, cars and garage, train and track, lego, building blocks and many more. This will really develop the children’s language skills and their social interaction skill encouraging them to share take turns and problem solving.

If you require any further information we would happily answer any questions you may have. We do hope you will pop in anytime during our Nursery hours so we can show you round our Little Kingdom and introduce you to our outstanding Team.